Almost done!

Yesterday morning the seats were delivered.  They were soon followed by the workers from Irwin Seating, who unpacked them and installed our sleek, new, semi-circular, movie-theatre-style planetarium seating.  There are exactly fifty seats under the dome: five rows on the right and four on the left with an aisle down the center.  The seats in the front are slightly more inclined so that wherever you sit you have a great view of the dome.  I’m pretty impressed . . .  Now the only major pieces of the puzzle left are the digital projector itself, along with its accompanying sound system and the LCD lighting that will be installed in the cove.  It looks like we’ll be up and running by summer!

Christine models the new chairs

Looking toward the middle aisle (projector stand on left and new console on right)

New operator console

The planetarium’s youngest fans

The new workroom (with countertop)


~ by stricklerskyblog on April 1, 2008.

One Response to “Almost done!”

  1. Wow! Looks great, Stephen. What a transformation.

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