Digistar 3!

It’s been a while since the last post, but it’s been a busy while . . .  Last week the sound technicians from Bowen Technovations were here installing the new sound system and LED lights around the cove.  At the same time the technicians from Evans and Sutherland were installing and calibrating the new projector: our very own Digistar 3 SP2 HD!  After a semester of rennovation, the planetarium came to life.  It was a pretty busy place for a few days.

These are the computers that run the system.  The rack on the left is for the projector; the one on the right for the audio and lighting system.

Here are the projectors.  There are two lenses (the 2 in SP2), each covering half the dome.  Getting the images from the two projectors to blend properly and seemlessly is key.  This is a picture of them before the projector covers were in place.

Here’s the new mixer and light control box, which sits on the floor to the right of the console.  There’s a CD player in the bottom of the rack.  The mixer lets us control microphones in the planetarium (one at the console, two up front, and one wireless) as well as the overall sound levels. 

The best part of the new system (well, one of the best parts) is the way it’s simplified the console.  We’ve got a joystick, mouse, keyboard, and monitor.  (The laptop is not included, though an ultraportable PC that can be used to control the projector from anywhere in the planetarium is on the way.) 

The next step in the renovation process is learning how to operate the new system and training student workers.  Keep checking back for updates.  We hope to have a grand re-opening date set soon!


~ by stricklerskyblog on April 23, 2008.

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